Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Harmony Rescue At Taman Sri Sentosa

A harmony rescue at Taman Sri Sentosa

- 7 puppies were rescued with great cooperation from the Residents Community of Taman Sri Sentosa, Old Klang Road

We were at Taman Sri Sentosa visiting a friend’s shop on a usual day. While we were having our lunch at a chinese restaurant, we saw one uncle feeding a pack of rice to a stray dog at the back lane. What caught my heart was when the dog leaned its head on the uncle and licked his hand. The dog was actually showing appreciation to this uncle by its lovable body language.

We were so busy-body enough to approach the uncle and started a conversation with him. This uncle addressed himself as Keong - the president of Taman Sri Sentosa Residents Community, told us this dog has just gave birth to 7 puppies few days ago. He felt sad seeing a mother dog like her straying around. Then he brought us across to the back lane of a vacant shop, pointing at an abandoned cupboard. “She hides all her puppies under the cupboard there.”

The mother dog quickly crawl in to guard her puppies when we were trying to go nearer the cupboard. There are 7 puppies spotted, sleeping soundly with their mother’s companion. According to this kind-hearted man, the residents have been feeding the mother dog for quite some times since she got pregnant.

After we have checked out the puppies, we told Keong about our rescue group and have offered our assistance to rehome the puppies. As these puppies were less than a week’s old when we first met them, our plan was to leave them with their mother until they were old enough to be weaned. The residents agreed with the plan and will continue feeding the mother dog while keeping an eye on the puppies. We have also been keeping contacts with Keong to ensure the puppies are still fine in order.

A couple of weeks passed, we have made another visit to Taman Sri Sentosa when those puppies are ready to be brought back. They have then been sent to vet for vaccination and dewormed. And now, they are at a better place with better care. Thanks to Loon Fatt Enterprise for sponsoring 4 big packs of dog food to House of Happy Furmily. Your generosity is witnessed and it will sure be repaying with lots of joyful days ahead.

Some people might be wondering, how about the mother dog? Although her life has been full of hardship and hunger, she did not trust human easily. Our rescue group has taken many attempts to gain her trust but still we’re unable to go near her to catch her. Therefore, Keong has volunteered to take care of her until our next visit.

These puppies were up for adoption during Pet World Malaysia 2010 but it’s not an easy task to rehome all of them in 3 days time. To all mankind with a heart out there, please help us to spread the news and you’ll be blessed for giving these puppies a home sweet home.

Please contact us at or call 017-3852488 for adoption enquiries.

This article was published in PETSTER Magazine Issue#26, Page 50

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