Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Messages from Shayne Lee, the Founder

I have 7 adopted dogs and 1 rescued cat staying with me under the same roof. Most of them are either abandoned by the previous owners, with critical health condition, untamed or untrained. Even they are with such disadvantage, i doesn’t see them showing me their “giving up” face. They are still trying their very best to live a happy life, eat and play as hard as they could. It is a joy to have them around. Seeing them brings tear to my eyes because these are the true example of being grateful and happy for what you have despite your shortcomings.

I’m personally touched by their strong surviving spirits. Together with my friends; we are a group of pet enthusiasts who believe that helping pets is a necessity because pets have feelings like we do. If you abandon your dogs, they will be feeling the same way you would feel if someone abandoned you when you get sick.

Therefore, we have decided to develop a charity fund catered especially for handicapped pets or those in dire needs of medical attention even those who are advised to “put-to-sleep” by certain vets, in other words, special pets. With this charity fund, there would not be any more cases of owners not being able to treat their pets because of financial constraints.

We want to help as many as we could! All our team mates behind this charity fund have a true heart to help these special pets. We want to be the ones that these special pets can turn to when there seems to be hopeless in their owners’ eyes.

Please support the House of Happy Furmily and be a blessing to those special pets. Let’s give them a hope and a chance to live a longer and happier life.

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