Monday, December 14, 2009

RIP Lou Yeh

Lou Yeh has just passed away early this morning.

He was in fever last few days due to the bad infection nearby his anal. According to vet, the infection might caused by the long time dragging on the floor when he was still a stray. Although we have fed him medication but he was too weak to recover because of the terrible complication happening inside his half-paralysed body.

Still, i never feel regret for the medical expenses spent on Lou Yeh eventhough he sort of wasted it somehow. At least we both have tried our best to share our love with each other and we were holding hands together during his very last journey of life.

Lou Yeh, thanks for your lovely kisses and i shall never forget how you tried to called me using your gentle voice.

We'll meet again one day when my time has come. Please do play and eat as hard as you could while you waiting at the other side of rainbow bridge.

Loh Yeh - The Half-Paralysed Survivor

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