Wednesday, September 30, 2009

April – the lovable mother

April, a long-coat Chihuahua, who has major heart problems. She is 5 years old now but according to vets, she looks more like a 8 years old dog with its appearance and health condition.

April used to be a breeding dog. She faced difficulties in delivering which almost lost her life during the last pregnancy. Hence the breeder is kind enough to let her go to new home with better attention and hopefully more love. Sadly she wasn't doing good at the previous adopter's place hence has been returned. We have then found out her heart problem and she is with us now.

Despite the high medical fees to support April, we still took her in and provided her with all the help we can offer. April is given her daily medicine which helps her heart to pump at a normal pace. Other than this, due to her weaken body, April tends to fall sick easily and it's quite a tough job for her to get recover everytime.

As for now, all we can do is just to keep April alives as long as we could and of cause with granted happiness and tonnes of LOVEsss.

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