Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Malcolm - the rock statue in an alley

Malcolm is a stray cat that we found in an alley behind the shoplots. His whole body is full of mange* and this make him looks like a rock statue covered with poured cements. He looks extremely dehydrated and was very weak, he can't even spare the energy to struggle when we caught him.

Other than the skin disease, lab results show that the cat has internal complications which cannot be identified unless he is given further body scans which would cause us a bomb(estimating more than 3k). As for our budget constraint, we have first treated his skin problem.

Malcolm is getting better from day to day but he is very protective to himself maybe due to the bad days he had when he was still a stray. We had a hard time when bathing him and got bitten by him a few times. We are in the progress of taming it for the time being.

We are still taking care of him while appealing for sufficient funding now.

*Mange is a highly contagious condition of the skin caused by mites and parasites in animals. Cats affected by mange most often stay outdoors. If left untreated, the cat may become very ill and lose its fur. The symptoms of mange include itching, discomfort, and scratching.

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