Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome Home Lou Yeh :)

I’ve just adopted another handicaped dog from a penang shelter. This dog was abandoned by the owner and was left unattended at the door of this shelter's place. He is half body paralysed where the whole bottom part of his body is not really responding. He can only lie down or sit by leaning on wall looking at you with his pityful eyes. I cannot stop my mind, lose my rationale, and yea, he is with me now.

It’s not an easy job at all to take of of him. He can only lie there without any better movement, he need to be fed for food n drink, he need to be cleaned few times everyday as he get dirty everytime when he poo/pee. He is just like an old man sitting on a lazy chair waiting for people to serve him. oh ya, I’ve named him ‘lou yeh’(老爷) for that. And, i’m the servant for sure. :)

Then a fren of mine asked, why not you put it to sleep? Why you wan to let him continue the miserable life and making your life harder at the same time?

Haha… If i can do this, i think i’m not Shayne anymore. I won’t do this, not under any circumstances.

Even he is not feeling well, but he doesn’t show me he is giving up in any way. He still tried to struggle for its life when i put him into a tub(when i was cleaning him). He still tried hard to sit with its back leaning on the wall although he hardly got the energy to push his heavy body up. He even tried to lift up his head just to move his mouth nearer just to give me a lovely kiss.

I guess this is a good time for me to learn how to be stronger n tougher again!

God bless everyone.

Updates: Lou Yeh has just passed away early morning on 24 dec 09.
RIP Loh Yeh


  1. Shouldn't bathe a sick dog ...

  2. I am really proud of u.I'm not sure whether I can do that or not.