Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Minnie - the Great Tumor Fighter

Today, we have a new resident in the house named Minnie. She is a 8 years old purebred female miniature pinscher.

Minnie was surrendered by her owner to PAWS. She has a tumour in her mammary glands and is not expected to live very much longer (the shelter manager thinks she only has few months to 1 year left). Minnie also has a cataract in one eye but she is too old and is not recommended for any surgery.

PAWS' manager, Edward, does not want to put Minnie down as she may not have much longer to live. And since she has been a pet before, PAWS was appealing for a fosterer to take her in and give her the tender loving care that she needs until the end of her days. We were informed about this and decided to bring back this lovable dog.

Minnie is such a sweetie as she loves being cuddled. She get excited when i called her name and starts to lick my hand with her cute little tongue. Despite her sickness, she is just another active happy-go-lucky fella who is making her way on without a 'giving up' face.

Dear friends, let's pray for Minnie no matter what religion you are and may her blessed with a longer happy life.

1 comment:

  1. she's having the same name w/ me.
    RIP Minnie.
    u r a brave girl :)