Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updates on Event: Cutie Pet Fair

Sorry for such a long delay for the event's update as i'm total wear out due to the busy daily chores to take care of our special ones in the house.

Cutie Pet Fair (21-22 Nov 2009 @ Central Park Bandar Utama)

Thanks to Think Event Management & Petster Network for organising such a great event with their objective in helping the misfortune pets. Other than the normal sales activities held at the merchants' booths, there are also some fun game booths and the most heartful part - a designated section for all the pet charity organisations.

Although the venue was pityful muddy due to the heavy rain poured on the day before, but it's seems that our pet lovers wasn't too hesitate when showing their helping hands to us. As reported, exeactly 30 animals have been rehomed during this 2-day event. That's really a good news, isn't it?

There are these generous merchants like US Regal and I-pet who sponsored dog food, beautiful collars and clothings for all the pet charity shelters and yea, we've got 2 big packs of dog food for House of Happy Furmily. ^^

As for our booth, we were raising fund for April's & Malcolm's medical expenses through our campaign named 'Lighting Up a HOPE'. Everyone can just light up a candle at our booth by giving a blessing hope to all this special pets with only RM1 and they got a cute pocket calendar sponsored by House of Groomers in return.

Many great people joined in the campaign but most of them were too lovely which they actually paid more than what was requested. Some paid RM2, some paid RM5, some even paid RM20! It's so overwhelming until our calendars were all given out before the event ends!

I like to show my sincere appreciation to all these blessed people listed below. You were not only lighted up a candle in the event, u lighted up the HOPE for all these special pets in our house.

During the event, we met a little girl who visited our booth with her parents. After she had heard about the stories of our special pets, without a moment of hesitation, she asked a RM5 from her mummy.

Then the mummy said to her in Mandarin, "You can only spend a maximum of RM5 for the event today, so do you really want to spend it here(at our booth) or you prefer to save it to buy a cute toy for our Benji?"(Benji is their beagle puppy)

And this little girl answered her mummy, "Even without a new toy, Benji is already very happy with us being with him and treated as our family members while all these misfortune pets suffering there without even a chance of happiness. I rather give my RM5 to them so that they can deserve better treatments and at least a chance of happiness."

I'm was personally impressed by her words. Girl, you will sure be somebody in the future with your good deeds. God bless all the good people.

Some photos taken by our friend, Andy from petfinder.my

Posters with educational messages
Memorial for our Blind Yorkshire Terrier, Columbus

April, the over bred mother

April saying hello to the camera

April acted like a baby in Shayne's arms

Shayne and Shan Hui - our 1st contributor on the event

Jhoon Aun, our cute volunteer during the event

KeQing, our celebrity co-founder helping in the booth

A kind hearted gentlemen lighting up a candle

We, House of Happy Furmily owed a big thank you to everyone who made this event happened, including all the participating merchants, organiser, operation crews, donation contributors, sponsors and etc...

We are glad know that there are still many good people out there who are willing to share their love with our special pets. See you again in the next event!

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