Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RIP Columbus

RIP Columbus

Columbus has just passed away 4.30pm today. He was seems ok these few days until he is found sleeping without breathing sign at his room today. We rush him to the Gasing Vet but too bad, he's gone by then.

Columbus is a Yorkshire Terrier who was blind from birth. Columbus relies on his hearing and smelling senses to find his way around. Adopting Columbus was not an easy job at all because other than being blind, he has other internal complications as well. His blood test result is terrible since puppyhood - either it is far above average OR far below average. Most vets said that Columbus would be alive for another 1 or 2 months. However, miraculously, Columbus is still jumping around till today despite the vet’s predictions based on the test results. Even he is born with such disadvantage, but it doesnt seems to make him a less happy dog. He is always in a good mood, LOVESssSSSsss to greet customers daily, jumping here and there, barking here and there.

It is a joy to have Columbus around. Seeing him brings tear to my eyes because he is the true example of being grateful and happy for what you have despite your shortcomings.

Dear friends, let's learn something from Columbus. Appreciate what you have and stop grumbling, BE HAPPY + BE STRONG, cheer up everyone around you everyday!

Columbus - The Blind Yorkshire Terrier

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