Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Columbus - the blind Yorkshire Terrier

Almost a year back, we adopted a Yorkshire Terrier, Columbus, who was blind from birth.

Columbus relies on his hearing and smelling senses to find his way around. Adopting Columbus was not an easy job at all because other than being blind, he has other internal complications as well. His blood test results is terrible since puppyhood - either it is far above average OR far below average. Most vets said that Columbus would only be alive for another 1 or 2 months.

However, miraculously, Columbus is still jumping around despite the vet’s predictions based on the test results. He is always in a good mood, LOVESssSSSsss to greet people daily, jumping here and there, barking here and there.

But still the day has come for Columbus, he has passed away 4.30pm, 27 Aug 2009. He was seems ok few days before until he was found sleeping without breathing sign at his room. We rush him to the vet but too bad, he's gone by then.

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